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Upgrade and redevelopment of Helpdesk system in hosted Bitrix24

Upgrade and redevelopment of Helpdesk system in hosted Bitrix24

For mobile phone manufacturing company Kisaphone (https://www.kisaphone.com.au/) standard Bitrix24 Helpdesk module was upgraded and redeveloped. We have created handlers on website that send data from webworms to Bitrix24 handler that creates new tickets in Helpdesk and assign responsible technical support team member. When technical support team member replies to this ticket then service code (“stamp”) added to email to Client. If Client after that will reply to this email it will be recognized based on this stamp and bounded to appropriate Helpdesk ticket.

Also several email boxes were connected to Helpdesk system. When emails come to these mailboxes they go to Helpdesk module and new tickets are created.

Also we redeveloped HTML-editor that used by technical support team members when they write answers to Clients. New functionality was added: additional ticket status field, adding attachment to emails (.pdf, .jpg, .png only), ability to add HTML-formatting and HTML-templates to emails.

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