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Integration Cisco Finesse with Bitrix24

Integration Cisco Finesse with Bitrix24

This case has been done for international bank. The task was to integrate CISCO FINESSE telephony with Bitrix24 in order to information about each incoming call go to CRM and bind to Client card or create new Lead if there is no such phone number in CRM.

On Bitrix24 side (hosted version) we have created a handler on which the data about incoming calls from CISCO was sent. This data contains caller number and company’s operator inner number that had answered to this call. Data are sent by POST method over http protocol. Our handler parses the data and finds coincidence in CRM contact cards. If Contact found, then info about call bind to Contact’s timeline. If there in CRM is no such phone number, then new Lead create based on this incoming call data.

In additional in Bitrix24 we have created the function that finds out what operator answered to incoming call and then creates a push request for this operator’s browser to open there found Contact’s card or new Lead’s card.

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