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CRM Lead Activities. How To Work With Leads.

CRM Lead Activities. How To Work With Leads.

When the lead passes through CRM sales manager can assign to him different statuses, such as "Initial Enquiry", "Quote Sent", "In Contact", etc. You can add your own statuses on CRM settings in depending on your sales team workflow.

If the Lead is successful it can be converted into a Contact, Company, or Deal. If it is a junk Lead so the manager is able to delete it.

Lead page has some working fields that are listed below:

Opportunity field - for estimated amount of the potential sale.

Source field - for the source where you get the lead from. This information helps to track your best channel which gives you the biggest amount of new leads.

Contact information field - for lead’s contacts such as name, email address, date of birth, address, etc.

Possible products field - for products that seem to interest Lead.

CRM Bitrix24 has the following functionality for working with leads:

Leads Views. You can see all your Leads in list mode, kanban mode or report mode views.  

Filter leads. You can use search & filter options above the Leads list to categorise or group Leads by various parameter (for instance, time created, status, Responsible person).  

Duplicate control. There in Leads list is ability search for duplicates by full name, company name phone or email.  

Add Activities and check Activities' History. For each Lead, you can add new Tasks, Emails, Calls, Visits, Meetings as well as see all such past events.  You can check all Lead's Activities inside this Lead's page or find all interested you activities on CRM > Activities page, and all History on CRM > History page.

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